The Nenets living in the Lost North are known as tundra Nenets, to differentiate them from the forest Nenets farmers who populate the eastern valleys of the Ob River.

Besides hunting, reindeer husbandry is the only way of life in this inhospitable land. They are nomadic.

Both the men and the women are tough, accustomed to caring for themselves without waiting for help from anyone. They only accept the authority of shamans, as they are the bridges between our world and the magical world of natural spirits.

Golden horde

Since Temudjin, the warrior who later became known as Genghis Khan, managed to unite all the tribes, the Mongols have represented the nightmare of all the kingdoms that previously held power. It is an army without walls or strongholds. A huge group of people riding horses, a moving tide.

They are by nature a warrior people, merciless with the enemy and loyal to the friend. As cunning as a noble.

Before his death, Genghis Khan divided his empire among his descendants. The western part was left to Batu Khan. This man, with the Golden Horde, dreams of running the empire to the Atlantic coast, to the last-known sea.


They are renowned, those who hold the title of Prince of Novgorod. They aspire to becoming the Grand Prince of Kiev, under whom all Russians are united. They are followed by the fearsome bogatyr knights.

But the Boyars are those with the real power in the city. They control all trade, which is the main source of profit of the republic, since it is on Lake Ilmen of Novgorod where the trade routes from Asia to Europe converge.

The people, meanwhile, survive on agriculture. The new Orthodox Christian religion is embraced, implanted by the authorities but without forgetting the old Slavic Gods.